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Send Customised Bulk SMS

You can send customised SMS from our web SMS Panel and you can upload in bulk.

Send Customised Bulk SMS

Sending Customised Bulk SMS Formats

We support the following formats when you want to send customised bulk SMS.

  • .xlsx
  • .xls
  • .csv
  • .txt

You can also zip all above mentioned formats and use bulk upload options.

Preparing Customised SMS File

Let's see how we can send customised Bulk SMS using CSV file.


Lets enter heading and send upto 2 columns customised message.

  • On "A" column, you need to enter as "Phone".
  • On "B" column, you need to enter as "Message"
  • On "C" column, you need to enter as "$CUSTOM1$"
  • On "D" column, you need to enter as "$CUSTOM2$"


  • On "A" column, under the heading, start entering your customer's mobile number.
  • On "B" column, you need to your message with custom variable. For example: "Hello $CUSTOM1$, This is a test message to inform that please pay amount of $CUSTOM2$" immediately."
  • On "C" column, Enter the value for "$CUSTOM1$"
  • On "D" column, Enter the value for "$CUSTOM2$"

You can use upto 10 custom columns from "C" column to "L" column. You need to make sure, you would have to pass that variable within the message to customise.

Lets save this file as customsms.csv

Getting Started

  • Login to Web SMS Panel.
  • Go to Sidebar ‐> Bulk SMS ‐> Send SMS. View Screenshot
  • On Send SMS Page, Click on the tab ‐> Bulk Upload. View Screenshot
  • On "Upload Contact File" box, Select the created file. View Screenshot
  • On "Content Option" box, select the radio button "Message Content from file". View Screenshot
  • To send instantly, then Click on "Send SMS" button.
  • That's it, you have successfully delivered customised bulk SMS to all your contacts.

Note: Please test with small file with your own numbers before actually sending it to all your contacts.