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Bulk SMS Callback URL Settings

This is the guide which helps you in Configuring SMSGatewayCenter Bulk SMS Callback URL. You can configure a callback URL for your application through our Web Interface.

What is SMSGatewayCenter Bulk SMS Callback URL

When you send messages, we will send you the real time Delivered Status of your sent Bulk SMS via HTTP post method.

Who needs it?

Mostly, customers who integrate their application through API need Bulk SMS callback URL to fetch real time reports.

Callback Payload

We will forward the following payload through HTTP post method, which you can capture on your application.

Forward Parameters
Key Value Description
transId Unique Transaction ID For every transaction, an uniuqe id is created and will be forwarded
msgId Your SMS Message ID This is the message ID for your sent SMS transaction.
errorCode Status of the code We forward the status code and you can map with our Error Codes.
dlrTime Delviered Timestamp This is an epoch timestamp with milliseconds.
mobile Sent Mobile number Mobile number for the sent SMS campaign.

How to Configure Bulk SMS Callback URL?

Develop a script on your application and submit the callback URL on our web interface or ask our support team to help you in that.

Sample Code:

Download Source Code

Callback Sample Code

Save this file as receiveDlr.php and upload to your server root folder.

Setting up your Callback URL on our Interface.

Login into your account.

Go to Sidebar Menu ‐-> Bulk SMS ‐-> SMS DLR Callback Settings

Callback Sidebar Menu

Once you land on the page, enter the URL. For example: If you have uploaded receiveDlr.php on your root folder, then the URL will be, http://yourdomain.com/receiveDlr.php. Enter that URL and Click on Save Changes. That's it! You are up and running and you will start receiving your responses within 15 minutes after your submission.

Callback URL Settings